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M3 DS Real DS Card Adapters

The M3 DS Real is a high quality DS Card. The software is very easy to use and is kept up to date with latest developments. The M3 Card has a large following and is highly rated. You can buy various packs of M3 Cards, some which include a rumble pack wich goes intot he GBA slot at the front of the DS and in certain games causes your DS to rumble to add an extra layer of realism to your experience!

What is an M3 DS Real adapter? Why should I get one?

M3 adapters are of a very high quality and have a large following, they where created so that you could do more with the Nintendo DS game systems. The M3 DS Cards are SDHC compatible too. This means that you can use Micro SD cards up to 16GB in capacity. You can fit a lot of music and videos on a 16 GB card!

The M3 DS Real Adapter allows you to perform tasks with your DS that you could never do before! This includes listen to music, watch videos, browse your piccies and also read e-books all from your Nintendo DS! The adapter itself is the same size of a standard nintendo DS game cartridge and fits into the same slot (Slot 1) as the game cartridges. The adapter has amicro SD memory card slot and its on the micro sd cards that you store all the files you want to use on your DS. This then goes into the adapter and that, in turn, into your DS console. Turn on the DS and away you go.

Beware of Fake M3 DS Cards! There are fakes of the M3 Adapter on the market and the functionality of the fake cards does NOT match what the real cards provide. We have taken this image from the official M3 website that shows how to spot a fake card. Also be aware that if you are looking to buy the new M3 Real i (For the new Nintendo DSi) then this is called "M3 Real i" and not the M3iupgrade.

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How does an M3 DS Real work?

The M3 DS Real DS card works by turning your DS into a multi media machine! The same size as a game cartridge the adapter behaves just like a proper game cartridge. But instead of playing games you can load the adapter with a Micro SD memory card filled with your favourite music, films, pictures and e-books! The M3 DS Real software (That you also need to load onto the memory card) allows you to access these files and play them on your DS. Please note that this device is not compatible with the latest Nintendo DSi games console.

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What do I need to use an M3 DS Real?

Some people are confused about what you need to get the M3 DS Real card working. All you need is the following:

  • A Nintendo DS, DS Litei

    DS Lite Black Closed

  • The M3 DS Real Adapter (See box image above). The package should include the M3 DS Real Adapter itself, A Micro SD USB Card Reader, and Plastic case and a languard keychain thingy. (You only need the adapter and the Micro SD Card Reader though :-)

    M3 DS Real Adapter - AND - Micro SD USB Card Reader

  • A Micro SD Card - The M3 DS Real Adapter supports SDHC so you can have anything from 2GB to 16GB memory cards. Most people opt for a 4GB card which can store plenty of files, enough for most people.

    2GB Micro SD Memory Card - OR - 4GB Micro SD Memory Card - OR - 8GB Micro SD Memory Card - OR - 16GB Micro SD Memory Card

    What size micro sd do I need?  Knowing what size micro sd card to get for your M3 DS Real DS card can be tricky. Its not that easy to recommend a particular one because it really does depend oin the sizes of the files you intend to use. However, generally, a 2GB card will suffice for light users and 4GB card will do for most other people. If you have a really large collection of music or video files then you can go for the 8GB or even the huge 16GB card.

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M3 DS Real Step by Step instructions

For people with little or no technical knowledge then setting up your M3 DS Real DS Card can be a little tricky and sometimes daunting. Fear not though we have all the information you need to set your DS adapter up. Just follow these easy to use step-by-step instructions and you will have it working in no time.

  • STEP 1 - Buy your M3 Card & Memory

    If you have not done so already you are going to need to buy your device before you can do anything at all. Obvious I know but if it is the case that you still don't actually have an M3i as yet then we can recommend that you buy one from http://www.r4ishopper.com/. You can buy them elsewhere but we have heard good reports about this vendor and their cards all seem to be genuine. If you don't already have a micro sd card hanging around then make sure you buy one of their bundle deals that includes the card as part of the package. If you are unsure what size memory card to get then opt for the 4GB Micro SD bundle as that will leave you plenty of space without being overkill.

  • STEP 2 - Check you have everything you need

    Its now time to double check that you have everything you need to continue. The checklist is as follows:

    • M3 DS Real Adapter
    • USB Micro SD Card Reader (If your memory card is greater than 2GB then the reader needs to be SDHC compatible)
    • A Micro SD Memory Card
    • A PC running windows XP or Vista (With the latest updates installed)
    • An active Internet connection

  • STEP 3 - Download the M3 DS Real Software

    Before you can use your M3 DS Real you first need to download the latest M3 DS Real software. The software is constantly being updated and is therefore not supplied on the M3 DS Real adapter itself. There may also be some sort of legal reason why the adapters are not supplied with the software out of the box. To save you some time we have the latest version of the M3 DS Real software for you to download

    Software Downloads

    Click the link and choose a location on your PC to save the file to. Remember where you decided to save the file. When the download is finished, find the file on your PC and then right click the file and choose "extract all...". Follow the prompts and choose the default options. When you are finished you should have a folder called "G6_M3DS (4.2)" and inside that folder you will find the files that you will need in the next step.

  • STEP 4 - Setting up your Micro SD Memory Card

    • Find the Micro SD memory card and remove from its packaging if necessary
    • Insert the Micro SD card into the USB Micro SD Card Reader
    • Insert the Card Reader into a free USB port of your PC/MAC
    • On a PC you should be prompted when you insert the card reader. Choose to open to view files/folders
    • You should now have an empty file window (Unless you have already transferred some files to your micro SD card.)
    • Now go back to your other window where you extracted the downloaded files to. Selected all the files and then press the right mouse button and choose COPY.
    • Go back to the empty folder for your memory card and right click and choose PASTE
    • When done your memory card should look like this:
    • Thats it for now - you can add your files you want to use with the M3 DS Real card later on. Click onto your C: on the right panel and then right click on the memory card drive and choose to safely remove the device (If you just unplug the USB reader without doing this you can damage your memory card and lose your files!)
    • Now remove the USB reader from your PC and remove the memory card from the reader. Try not to touch the metal connections.

  • STEP 5 - Using your M3 DS Real for the first time

    Now we can test out your M3 DS Real card using the memory card that we setup in step 4 above. If you followed exactly what I outlined in step 4 then you will not have any music, video or other files on the card as yet. That's fine because we only need to test that the card works and the menu appears on your Nintendo DS when used. Follow these steps to test out your M3 DS Real Adapter:

    • Insert the Micro SD memory card into your M3 DS Real adapter
    • Insert the adapter into your Nintendo DS game port (Slot 1)
    • Turn on your Nintendo DS
    • The M3 DS Real software should load automatically and you should be presented with the M3 DS Real screens on your DS
    • The M3 DS Real software should load and it should look something like this:

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M3 DS Real Latest Software

To make the most of your M3 DS Real you need to make sure that you have the latest version of the M3 DS Real software. This is also known as the M3 DS Real Kernel or the M3 DS Real system files.

You can download the latest version of the M3 DS Real software here: M3 DS Real Operating software (Kernel) (ZIP File)

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M3 DS Real FAQ (Frequently Asked questions)

We will put the answers to all your M3 DS Real related questions here. We will also post solutions to common M3 DS Real problems.

  1. What is the maximum micro sd capacity an M3 DS Real DS Card can accept?
    The M3 DS Real Card is SDHC compatible and can therefore accept memory cards up to 16GB in size. However when using cards above 4GB try to organise your files into folders and sub folders. We have heard reports that folders with huge amounts of files can cause issues with M3 cards
  2. Are the M3 DS Real DS cards compatible with the latest Nintendo DSi console?
    No unfortunately the M3 DS Real is not compatible with the latest Nintendo DSi games console. If you require a DS card that is compatible with the Nintendo DSi then you need to look at the R4i Revolution or the DSTTi cards. There is also an M3i card coming out very soon
  3. Do all games support the Rumble Pack?
    No only some games support this feature, the Rumble pack in our opinion is a little loud and although can add to the enjoyment of a game also distracts too.


Please visit our Support forum for the latest help & support and also if you would like to ask us a question about these cards.

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how do you delete files on the m3 real


Put the Micro SD card back into your card reader and remove the files via your PC or MAC
Written By fire on 16/07/2009 13:50:00
It is very useful
Written By Dominic on 27/07/2009 09:05:00
thanks for the instructions now my friend downloaded some files on to the card an they work but today i have added some there showing up but we cant get them on can you pls help


Hi Michelle

Not sure on that to be honest - the only thing we can think of is that when you downlaoded the files they where .zip or .rar files and not .nds files as they need to be. Can you ensure that they are .NDS Files?
Written By michelle on 29/07/2009 16:30:00
Hi, a card reader i recently purchased worked only once,the very first time i used it when i insert my sons ms card.Now when it is connected to my PC i cannot open the drive (view,explore,open with).
The card still works in my sons DS though.When i put my daughters card in it allows me to open it OK.
Does this make any sense to you?We also have tried it on our other PC with the same result.
Written By stephen on 15/08/2009 23:31:00