DSi shows the picture of a game (danny phantom, urban jungle)

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By 1ORTHOPA - 11/01/2010 03:23:47
I just got a R4i card but when I put it in the DSi it shows the picture of a game (danny phantom, urban jungle) even though there is no micro sd card inside of it.Can anyone explain if why this is and did I get a fake one?
By 1ORTHOPA - 11/01/2010 17:26:21
I tried that and it says loading and freezes. Nothing else happens. I tried this with and without the microsd card that has the needed files for it to work. Very frustrating. Any other suggestions?
By 1ORTHOPA - 12/01/2010 18:27:57
I will download the latest files and give that a try. Will post back results. Thanks
By raedam - 06/02/2010 08:39:46

I am having the same problem. Danny Phantom doesn't show up if I take the sd card out of the r4i but it does when it is in. I have loaded other games and the software onto the sd card but when I click on the Danny phantom icon it just says loading and then freezes. I have reloaded everything a few times and even tried another sd card but still get the same problem. If you know how to fix this I would be really grateful.

By fongdingo - 12/07/2010 01:27:21
whats the url on the r4 card? i might have a working kernel for you. what kind of sd card do you have in it too/ is this a dsi lite or fat ds your tying to use the r4 card with?
By fongdingo - 12/07/2010 16:56:10
download the kernel from that site format the sd card place kernel onto root of card then create a folder called roms place roms into that folder then place sd card into r4 card and turn on ds. What kind of problems are you having with you card?
By fongdingo - 12/07/2010 17:23:35
the kernel download off the web site should come as a rar file. from tthere you need to unrar it to a folder.after you format the sd card drag all of the contents from that folder onto the sd card, do not place them into a folder tthey need to be free standing files on the sd card. after that you can make a new folder on the sd card and call it roms and then place all roms into that folder.
By fongdingo - 12/07/2010 17:35:26
click the danny icon that makes the ds go into the r4 card menu
By fongdingo - 12/07/2010 19:08:59
have you tried getting a older ver of the kernel? i dont think that en.1.55 file is needed try deleting that file off the card. are you letting windowes format the sd card. have you tried the sd formatting tool? i think i am wrong about that file i was just looking at the web site. this is a card that i have not encountered before, but the install is the same as all the other r4 cards. try the older kernels and see what happens. the pic you sent looks correct to me.
By fongdingo - 13/07/2010 18:29:19
so the numbers on the sd card do mean something to the r4 card. i have a card with no number on it too and now have to buy a new one try to get a sd card that looks like these do. the number has something to do with the way it stores the info you put on it.
By fongdingo - 17/07/2010 01:45:09
yes a 4 gig will work all the way up to a 32 gig will work, it just needs to be newer non generic memory.
By fongdingo - 22/07/2010 16:30:40
that class 2 4 gig should work i was just running a sandisk 4gig class 2 in my r4i gold card the other day. these r4 cards need a class 2(number in the circle)or higher to work. and they support 64meg to 32gig .
By fongdingo - 31/07/2010 06:19:25
Go to http://r4idsn.com/  that is there new web site they have good tech support for there flashcart, they just moved recently
By fongdingo - 01/08/2010 15:20:05
sweet you got your card to work glad that this forum could be a useful tool for you. 
By alemoine - 12/07/2010 01:16:18
I am having the same problem with my R4i card. I have loaded and reloaded the kernels and I am having no luck. I have watched 4 youtube videos thinking if I see it, it will help. I also downloaded the kernel from the exact adress that is on my card and still nothing. HELP PLEASE
By alemoine - 12/07/2010 15:34:41
I have a dsi XL, R4i card with www.r4ultra.com on the front, and I have a 2g PNY micro SD. If you could help that would be awesome!!
By alemoine - 12/07/2010 17:08:30
I am not sure how to place it onto the root of the card. When I put the card in my dsi it shows that danny phantom, urban jungle picture.
By alemoine - 12/07/2010 17:32:26
I'm still getting the Danny phantom icon.....what am I doing wrong? I did exactly what you said. UGH, this is so aggravating!!
By alemoine - 12/07/2010 17:43:07

it just says loading...... on the top screen and black on the bottom. I left it like that for 15-20 minutes the first time thinking it just took a while and still nothing.

I've attached the picture of my sd card.....the roms folder has everything that is on the outside of the folder inside of it. I have tried it with just the roms folder (with everything in it) and the roms folder with all the stuff on the outside as well and still no luck

By alemoine - 12/07/2010 21:41:07
I will try an older version. I have tried older versions before, but not the way you said. I will let you know how it works...thanks
By alemoine - 13/07/2010 14:57:05
On the website that is on my card, they have 2 versions. The english version and the version that supports DSi. I have tried both alone and together. What else can I do?
By alemoine - 16/07/2010 23:03:33
I am having a hard time finding the 2g with the number on it
By alemoine - 16/07/2010 23:04:13
will it work with a 4g?
By alemoine - 22/07/2010 04:53:36
ok, because I had the 4g and someone else said it would not work with the 4g. The 4g I had the first time had a 2 in a circle on the top of it. So now I need to get one that is a name brand 4g??
By valewie - 31/07/2010 06:09:01

I seem to be having the same problem everyone else is having. I bought this R4i gold card from http://www.4coolday.com/r4i-gold-for-dsi-xl-lldsindsl-and-nds-p-94.html, the website on the front of the card is www.r4ids.com, i go to the website and download the v1.32 kernel which seems to be the newest one, put it on my 4gb microSD card and then open up a game folder onto which i drop all my games. Once i put the R4i card on my dsi, it does read it, and the danny phantom picture comes up, i click it and the loading message comes up and nothing ever happens. Please help!!!! thx Smile

By valewie - 31/07/2010 06:28:55
ok, i'll give that a try! thanks
By valewie - 31/07/2010 06:34:37
No....still no luck Crying

I formated my microSD card and tried again and it worked!!! thank you so much!!!! BigGrin
By sueg - 08/03/2011 17:18:30
hi i bought a r4i card from here http://www.r4ds-r4i.com/ for a few friends at school and my son, i did a few r4 card a few years ago and everything worked fine, but i cant get these to work, i downloaded some software but it keeps saying the same as these people are having, just the loading comes up. can you help me please, sue
By R4DSCards Tech - 11/01/2010 17:10:20

This is to be expected - the work around for some of the R4i cards that are compatible with the 1.4 DSi Nintendo firmware is to fool the DSi that the R4i card is actually a real game cart. You should be able to just click the game to be taken through to the R4i menu.
By R4DSCards Tech - 11/01/2010 17:28:35

Yes it will display this - even without a micro sd. Its only after you click this that it checks your micro sd card.

What is the URL on the R4 card? Did you download the software from that site? The error message you are seeing usually means incorrect software or software not properly loaded onto the micro sd card.
By R4DSCards Tech - 12/01/2010 19:12:14
Ok cool - let us know how you get on.
By R4DSCards Tech - 08/02/2010 10:12:55

Can you let me know what type of R4i you have and can you also let me know what the URL is on the front of the card? 99% of the time the hanging loading message means you either have the wrong software or you have installed it incorrectly. Did you get the software direct from the URL that is printed on the card, if so did you get the right version? Sometimes these sites have multiple cards available and therefore their downloads page shows different versions and only the right one will work for you...