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DSTT DS Card Adapters

The DSTT card is the perfect accompaniment to your Nintendo DSi gaming console.

What is a DSTT adapter? Why should I get one?

The DSTT card or NDSTT card as they are sometimes referred have been around for a few years and they are definitely one of the more popular forms of DS cards on the market. DSTT cartridges were created so that you could expand the uses of your Nintendo DS game systems. The standard DSTT card is not compatible with the latest Nintendo DSi console; if you need a card that is compatible with the DSi, checkout the new DSTTi card If you have DS lite or an older style DS then the standard DSTT card will be fine for you, its also good to note that the DSTTi card is also backwards compatible with all the previous Nintendo DS consoles. If you have one of the older consoles but are thinking of upgrading to the DSi then it would be worth investing in a DSTTi card which will save you having to purchase a new card in the future.

The DSTT Adapter allows you to perform tasks with your DS that you could never do before! This includes listen to music, watch videos, browse your piccies and also read e-books all from your Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi consoles! The adapter itself is the same size of a standard nintendo DAS game cartridge and fits into the same slot (Slot 1) as the game cartridges. The adapter has amicro SD memory card slot and its on the micro sd cards that you store all the files you want to use on your DS. This then goes into the adapter and that, in turn, into your DS console. Turn on the DS and away you go.

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How does an DSTT work?

The DSTT card works by turning your DS into a multi media machine! The same size as a standard gaming cartridge the adapter behaves just like a proper game cartridge. But instead of playing games you can load the adapter with a Micro SD memory card filled with your favourite music, films, pictures and e-books! The DSTT software (That you also need to load onto the memory card) allows you to access these files and play them on your DS & DS lite.

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What do I need to use with my DSTT card?

It can be a little confusing as to what you need in order to get your DSTT card working, we have simplified this for you. All you need is the following:

  • A Nintendo DS or DS lite (of course!)

    DS Lite Black Closed

  • The DSTT Adapter (See box image above). The package will include the DSTT Adapter itself.

    DSTT Adapter

  • Micro SD Card Reader. Unfortunately DSTT cards do not come with a Micro SD card reader which you will need to transfer data to and from your card via your PC. If you do not have a card reader which will read Micro SD cards there are plenty of readers available on the market. Sandisk do a good quality Micro SD card reader which is SDHC compatible so it can handle the higher capacity cards and wont cost you a fortune

    Sandisk Micro SD card Reader

  • A Micro SD Card - The DSTT Adapter supports SDHC so you can have anything from 2GB to 32GB memory cards. Most people opt for a 4GB card which can store plenty of files, enough for most people.

    2GB Micro SD Memory Card - OR - 4GB Micro SD Memory Card - OR - 8GB Micro SD Memory Card - OR - 16GB Micro SD Memory Card

    What size micro sd do I need?  Knowing what size micro sd card to get for your DSTT DS card can be tricky. Its not that easy to recommend a particular one because it really does depend oin the sizes of the files you intend to use. However, generally, a 2GB card will suffice for light users and 4GB card will do for most other people. If you have a really large collection of music or video files then you can go for the 8GB or even the huge 16GB card.

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DSTT Step by Step instructions

For people with little or no technical knowledge then setting up your DSTT Card can be a little tricky and sometimes daunting. Dont worry we have all the information you need to set your DS adapter up. Just follow these easy to use step-by-step instructions and you will have it working in a jiffy.

  • STEP 1 - Buy your DSTT Card & Memory

    If you have not done so already you are going to need to buy your device before you can do anything at all. Obvious I know but if it is the case that you still don't actually have an DSTT as yet then we can recommend that you buy one from www.r4ishopper.com. There are many places you can buy these on the net however we have heard good reports about this vendor and their cards all seem to be genuine. If you don't already have a micro sd card hanging around then make sure you buy one of their bundle deals that includes the card as part of the package. If you don't know which size memory card to get then go for the 4GB Micro SD bundle, this will leave you plenty of space without being overkill.

  • STEP 2 - Check you have everything you need

    Its now time to double check that you have everything you need to continue. The checklist is as follows:

    • DSTT Adapter
    • USB Micro SD Card Reader (If your memory card is greater than 2GB then the reader needs to be SDHC compatible)
    • A Micro SD Memory Card
    • A PC running windows XP or Vista (With the latest updates installed)
    • An active Internet connection

  • STEP 3 - Download the DSTT Software

    Before you can use your DSTT you first need to download the latest DSTT software which is the operating system of the card. The software is constantly being updated and is therefore not supplied with the DSTT card itself. There may also be some sort of legal reason why the adapters are not supplied with the software out of the box. To save you some time we have the latest version of the DSTT software for you to download

    Software Downloads

    Click the link and choose a location on your PC to save the file to. We would suggest to make a DSTT folder on your PC so dont forget where all your files are. When the download is finished you will have a DSTT.zip file on your PC. You will now need to extract the contents from the zip file by right clicking on the file and selecting extract all. Follow the on screen prompts and choose the default options. Once your file has finished extracting you should have a new folder called eng, within this folder there will be the following files:

    • TTMENU (this is a folder that contains further files)
    • TTMENU.DAT (this is a file)
    • TTMENU.SYS (this is a file)

  • STEP 4 - Setting up your Micro SD Memory Card

    • Insert the Micro SD card into the USB Micro SD Card Reader, note: the micro SD card can only be inserted one way
    • Insert the Card Reader into a USB port of your PC/MAC
    • When your Card Reader is inserted into your PC an on screen prompt should appear. From the prompt choose the option to Open folder to view files/folders
    • You should now have an empty file window (Unless you have already transferred some files to your micro SD card.)
    • Now go back to your other window where you extracted the downloaded files to. Selected all the files and then press the right mouse button and choose COPY.
    • Go back to the empty folder for your memory card and right click and choose PASTE
    • When done your memory card should look like this:
    • Thats it for now - you can add your files you want to use with the DSTT card later on. Click onto your C: on the right panel and then right click on the memory card drive and choose to safely remove the device (If you just unplug the USB reader without doing this you can damage your memory card and lose your files!)
    • Now remove the USB reader from your PC and remove the memory card from the reader. Try not to touch the metal connections.

  • STEP 5 - Using your DSTT for the first time

    Now we can test out your DSTT card using the memory card that we setup in step 4 above. If you followed exactly what is outlined in step 4 then you will not have any music, video or other files on the card as yet. That's fine because we only need to test that the card works and the menu appears on your Nintendo DS when used. Follow these steps to test out your DSTT Adapter:

    • Insert the Micro SD memory card into your DSTT adapter
    • Insert the adapter into your Nintendo DS game port (Slot 1)
    • Turn on your Nintendo DS/Nintendo DSi
    • Your DS should load and you should be able to select the DSTT card just like you would if you where playing a standard Game.
    • The DSTT software should load and it should look something like this:

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DSTT Latest Software

To make the most of your NDSTT you need to make sure that you have the latest version of the DSTT software. This is also known as the DSTT Kernel or the DSTT system files.

You can download the latest version of the DSTT software here: Software Downloads

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DSTT FAQ (Frequently Asked questions)

We will put the answers to all your DSTT related questions here. We will also post solutions to common DSTT problems.

  1. What is the maximum micro sd capacity a DSTT DS Card can accept?
    The DSTT Card is SDHC compatible and can therefore accept memory cards up to 32GB in size. However when using cards above 4GB try to organise your files into folders and sub folders. We have heard reports that folders with huge amounts of files can cause issues with DSTT and DSTT revolution cards
  2. Are the DSTT DS cards compatible with the new Nintendo DSi?
    No, they can only be used with the DS and DS lite consoles. We recommend buying the DSTTi if you have a Nintendo DSi console


Please visit our Support forum for the latest help & support and also if you would like to ask us a question about these cards.

Written by admin@r4dscards.com at 22/05/2009 15:43:00

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Comments made about this article

Very easy and self explanatory...just one question, how do you put movies in?


Thank you :-) - we are not 100% on how to use Movies on the DSTT or other cards as we have never tried this ourselves.
Written By Charas on 09/07/2009 16:31:00
There is something wrong with my DSTT when i turn my DS on it says "MENU?" what is wrong with it?
Can you help?


The mosat likely issue here is that you are using an incorrect version of the software for your device. make4 sure you download and use the right doftware fror your device and that you install it to the correct folder!
Written By Liam on 16/07/2009 16:51:00
i am very confused, when i plug in my card, all that comes up as an empty folder called "removeable disk E", i dont get the menu either so that is confuesing. i have tried uploading alot of differnt kinds of software and i copy and paste them into the folder, and it comes up with a blue screen with writing on, so i was wondering, any tips??
thanks, please reply ASAP! :)


Hi Alison,

Not too sure about your issue. When you plug the memory card into your PC you should expoect the removeable disc message as that is what the memory card is to your PC. From your issues I can only assume that the softweare is not been copied correctly to your memory card or you are using the wring software for the type of DSTT card you own.
Written By alison fryer on 25/07/2009 20:22:00
thanks heaps it works fine now
Written By natalie on 27/07/2009 03:43:00
ive downloaded new software and files when i put it into ds i just get menu? any answers .


Hi the menu? error messge usually means the wrong software for the type of card you have or not installed it to the memory card correctly. Basically your DS card cannot find the softwre it needs.
Written By michael on 27/07/2009 17:32:00
I couldn't able to exit out of any games to the main menu by pressing A B X Y L R keys together.
I'm running 1.17 kernel.
Any idea?


We have found that this does not always work. In this case you must reset the DS
Written By sak on 28/07/2009 02:50:00
please help me a have a micro sd card what a also use for my phone but when am usin it in my ds it is comming up menu please help


This indicates that the software you have used for your DS card is not the correct version. Please ensure you have the latest version
Written By cheryl on 29/07/2009 17:00:00
my DS isnt loading---I dont know what to do? HELP PLEASE!!!!


Can you provide more information please - also make sure you have the correct software for your card
Written By momma on 29/07/2009 19:34:00
How and where do i download files from to put on my NDSTT? a friend has done it for me before but i dont like the files iv been given, i like 16 of them and want to keep them but download alternatives for the other 25. Is this possible or do i have to delete all and download all again???

Also, do i still have to download the software as it has already been done on friends comp- or do i need that in any event?

And lastly, do i jus download, unzip drag and drop?



Hi yes you can Downlaod and drag and drop files onto your micro sd card. You can also add more files as you want - as long as you have space on your micro sd card. You do not need to clear off your existing files first. If you already had the software and it works then you can leave it - otherwise download the latest version for your DS Card type.
Written By Katy on 01/08/2009 15:14:00
since i put a game in my memory card, i cannot open the ''removable disc E'' anymore and can't get access to my memory card from my computer but it still works on my ds. What can I do?


Can you try another card reader to see if that helps?
Written By sam on 03/08/2009 19:34:00
hello, i have just upgraded my sons card to a sandisk 8GB sdhc card i have followed the instructions from the site and all seems to work as it should but when i put any of his files onto the card they wont load and just freeze please help


Does your card work with only a handful of files?
Written By neil on 05/08/2009 14:41:00